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Our Quality Policy

The priority goal of KUMAN Global is to provide service with the highest service standards and to provide unconditional customer satisfaction. Excellence is not a choice, but a requirement of our business, and achieving this goal has been our main target since the day our company was founded. We are committed to implementing the following principles in every field in which we operate;

1. To fulfill the requirements of our leading role in quality,
2. To reach the highest level in design, material, workmanship and service quality in each of our developed products,
3. To ensure a harmonious teamwork by fulfilling the quality requirements in intra-group communication,
4. To make individual development in accordance with contemporary requirements by prioritizing the element of quality in in-house training,
5. Achieving quality goals with the full fulfillment of personal obligations,
6. To maintain activities that will ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,
7. To fulfill the legal conditions, legislation and employer contract conditions completely.

Our Quality Certificates

TS EN ISO 14971.jpg
ISO 14001 2015.jpg
ISO 14001 Annex Ek 1.jpg
Marka Tescil SWM.jpg
Marka Tescil Nasty&Tasty.jpg
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